• Nylon Hex Fabric

    Nylon Hex Fabric

    Product Description Number 1200-41, belongs to the 100%Nylon fabrics, mainly composed of nylon spandex fabric, apply to the production of fashion women's clothing, hats, gloves, etc.Mainly compiled by machine, main knitting type for warp knitting, the main types of lithography.Originate in...

  • W-B57 100%nylon Mesh Fabrix

    W-B57 100%nylon Mesh Fabrix

    Product Description Name:nylon mesh fabric Composition:100%N Width:160cm Weight:18gsm Product Picture How We Produce Exihibition Photos Contact us Thank you for your interest in beiman.com, our physical address,phone and fax numbers are as follows: Jiaxing Beimon Trading Co., Ltd Add:4th...

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